Brave submarines

Magnetic fishing with numbers
Raise the periscope! Baby, give me one good rod, and another take for yourself. You see this submarines? Through them, one of my legs is now made of wood.

Do not let any of submarines flee from you. You can count them - each has its own number! There is a great secret: you need patience and tranquility (as a sea elephant), to get all submarines!

The game
  • Game for a child or your family competitions!
  • Play and study at the same time
  • Use magnetic technology for the exciting game
  • Paint submarines in different colors
  • Learn numbers tor catch the biggest submarine
  • Get used to organize toys after playing with convenient fishing bag
Development: imagination, spatial thinking, motor skills, learning numbers from 0 to 9
Details: 2 rods and 10 submarines
Size: submarines 50x50 mm, rods 200 mm
Material: birch plywood (Euro certificate 1)
Packing: a linen bag for storage brave submarines. You can tie a sea knot)
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