Creative balancer

Balance with different levels of difficulties, constructor and mosaic
How much materials are here? There are exactly for a pyramid. Aztec called us and asked sent them parcel as quick as we can. Can we fit everything into one ship?

You need to learn all shapes for creating interesting combination. Logic and spatial thinking help you to take bolt and other extraordinary decisions. Combine details and two different bases to create your difficulty level.

Be careful nothing falls down!

The game
  • Build the highest construction, combining details and two different bases to create your difficulty level, change swing difficulties
  • Use as a mosaic to create visual puzzles
  • Despite on age everybody excited about this game!
  • Great family or team game
  • Open-ended toy for creative development of children
Development: imagination, spatial thinking, logic, strengthens family relationships)
Details: two bases and 30 building elements
Size: bases length 145 mm, elements 32x32 mm.
Material: birch plywood (Euro certificate 1)
Packing: a linen bag - nothing will be lost
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