Learning toys – going green

Learning toys is an important part of kids' education. Children should spend as much time as possible playing with them and improving their skills and knowledge. There are so many educational toys nowadays, that it is not a problem at all to find something that your child would like to spend time with.

But influence on kid development is not the only aspect that is important. Eco-friendly toys are becoming more and more popular day after day. It is doubtless, that our beautiful planet Earth has huge problems with air, water and soil pollutions. We have been spoiling our home for a very long time and now it is a time to change something. Eco-friendly toys is another step to a clear and healthy environment. Many toy companies stopped using plastic, toxic paints and materials that are harmful for health. All of us must be responsible and buy products that cannot make out planet worse. However, not only planet – our kids would be healthier in that case too. Wood and all other natural materials is the best solution for our children. For example, LEGO has announced recently that they are going to use sugar cane in their constructors soon. Sounds pretty good and hopeful, isn't it?

What do you think about eco-friendly learning toys? Is playing with educational toys, knowing they are 100% safe, cool, huh?
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