Native American set

THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS. Immerse yourself in the incredible fun and unravel the intricate riddles, that are awaiting true adventurers

IDEAL ENTERTAINMENT. The set will create a unique adventure atmosphere at any children's holiday and will present a lot of vivid memories

CONCENTRATION TRAINING. Can you hit a target from 5 meters away? And from the other end of the room?

DETAILS FOR THE MOST "MI-MI-MI" PHOTOSHOOTS. Cute photos of Native American chiefs and skilled archers will stay in the family photo album for a long time.

UNIVERSAL TOY. Both the little leader and the Indian princess will want to use that bow. Is the weather bad outside? Tribe, let's play in the house!

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Details: quiver, Indian crown, 3 arrows, target
Material: felt, ashwood, birch plywood of Euro-1 quality standard, silk, rubber
Package: tissue-paper + craft-box
Age: from 2 to 102 years
Coating: water-based varnish

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