Outdoor toys – playing safe and funny

Indian summer… Spending time at home during the last warm days is a real crime, isn't it? Take your kids, some outdoor toys, maybe a couple of board games for the whole family and have a great time in nature!

Go to the park, a beach or take a trip to the outskirts – to some place, where you can rest from the surrounding noise with your beloved. However, don't forget to bring something entertaining with you, because kids are always active outdoors.

Our wooden dollhouse with magnetic blocks is a perfect choice. It is a cool basis for creativity, especially in nature, where your baby can find many details to come up with new interesting stories. Toy was made without varnish coatings and toxic parts, so it's safe and harmless for your kid. Magnetic blocks let you take it apart easily, without glue or nails.

Board games are also a nice option. Outdoor is a great environment to build up a real family team, as those games help us to improve social skills and to have some common fun.

Well, toys are pretty cool. Nevertheless, remember that it's not a catastrophe if you forgot them. There is always an option of live communication, active games and relaxed walks.

Choose outdoor toys closely and have some fun during these last sunny days!
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