The story of the great wish.

New Year and Christmas is special time to read stories, tell fairytales, make a wish.

So here is my real story about real toy✨

30 years ago lived a little girl, who along with her sister loved New Year and Christmas very much.

These girls had an amazing grandfather, who also loved holidays and his granddaughters stronger. Granny was very creative and has created a charming house.

This house was a bit cumbersome and it was hard to disassemble it, but despite everything it was favorite girl`s house, where every morning happened miracles.

After waking up girls were looking for a surprise, hero or fairytale inside it.

Throughout many years these girls become moms, but these magic houses became the best memory about winter and childhood.

The house has become different, because Babai, who likes kids and their moms, heard this story. It is still magic, but now it is easy to disassemble and put to the bookshelf. It is easy even for mom`s little helper.

For older kids it`s still magic as a before. When there lights up or in the morning, when you find smaaaall note with a secret inside or something from your dream ????????????

Sometimes there may be the testiest candy in the whole world, which mom is not allowed to eat or a task for secret spy, completing which you must definitely come to some unexpected surprise.

We want to perform this magic only together with you ????
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