The Magic house advent constructor (L)

Advent, role playing game, toy house, a place to store children's treasures, night light, home decor
The biggest dream of every boy is to build a house. The biggest dream of every girl – put there as many dolls as she can.

Our house is a piece of magic, because each side contains magnets.
Before you start play with it, we want to tell you one big secret: during holidays there can arise a little presents.

The game
  • You can play it as a constructor
  • You can use it as house for your favorite toys
  • Taking one side you can play a shadow theater
  • If you put there a little lamp or flashlight, you can use as nightlight
  • Use like advent calendar house
  • Use to decorate your space
Development: imagination, spatial thinking, motor skills, actor skills

Details: 9 sides.
Size: L 255*150*150 mm
Material: birch plywood (Euro certificate 1)
Packing: a craft bag
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